Friday, April 10, 2009

Sweet Pensive Afternoon

I think this afternoon was extremely productive. I feel like going out to Flirty Walk and taking a walk and some pictures, or up to the Gray Ghost trail and doing the same. I had a serious talk and some help filtering my thoughts on certain aspects of my life and also my perception of myself. I was given some food for thought on relationships, and also on my self-development. I have started to open up some more. I was called bright today and told to talk more often and the hardest person to convince that I was bright would be myself. I still have doubts which I suppose supports this theory. I was also told - as a compliment - that I "would never be anyone's devoted wife." This sentence both made me laugh and struck me as true.

Yesterday, we practiced the one-rope bridge although a large percentage of the team wasn't there. We were going through Flirty Walk and going off the trail to practice our drill. We came to the cliff by the river and someone jokingly suggested we rappell. We had the rope and the caribigners though... let's say hypothetically we rappelled down the cliff one at a time. We kept every single safety mechanism in place that we'd had during training and we all went down at least once. At one point (again this is all hypothetically) someone said,

"I'm just trying to be the voice of reason..."
and was cut off by,
"Well I'm the voice of INFANTRY!"

Obviously, as someone else said, "Well... fun and safety always seem to be inversely related..." and I love how reason and infantry were set opposed to each other. The day, had this event occurred of course *cough cough*, was hilarious and wonderful and warm. Tomorrow is the Spring Fest and talking about the competition. I slept in for the run today, but I am trying to really defeat the cold I've had since Sunday. Hopefully that and all the liquids I've been consuming and the vitamins will be good enough to get me in tip top health for next Saturday. If anything, my missing a run today isn't going to determine my fitness by then anyway. Apparently the favored team this year suffered an injury to their primary girl so we have an even stronger chance of placing in the top 5 now. I don't really know, but everyone else is optimistic and if anything I am excited. During practice our SL brought up that the Sandhurst sign used to read, '88 Days' and now it's less than 8... Crazy, but I'm truly looking forward to it.

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