Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sandhurst Update: 10 Days

Hilarious story to start this off. So a girl is in my room when I get back from practice today and she is gushing to Roomie about her "boy problems". This is a girl who, nothing against her, is somewhat of an awkward person and I wouldn't exactly say exceedingly gorgeous to put it mildly. She seemed okay though, enough that Roomie was talking to her and without that exasperated look on her face. She literally gushes on (and every single sentence from her was an exclamation by the way, like every single sentence was a juicy starburst candy she was smacking between her teeth) and tells Roomie that her boy problems start with a boy she is going to ballroom dancing with who has a girlfriend who she feels wants to be more than friends. Her second problem catches my ear though when she says,
"This other guy is on his company's swim team and we see each other in the hallway and he asked me how my company did one day. He's B4? No, wait D4."
My ears perk up and I concentrate on what she says next and she continues,
"I said hi and he said his name was Dan."
I am thinking to myself No way... it's not, tell me he didn't... come on there's no way that it's...
"Dan? Dan S___?"
I find myself asking before I can stop myself. She brightens up,
"Yeah! Do you know him?"
I quickly look away,
"Yeah, he was in Roomie's and my beast company. Go on."
She continues to describe the situation and the emails she's gotten and how he gave her his phone number and she thinks it's all "so sudden". I can barely contain myself, but I want to hear more. Still my expression changes and she stops after a moment and asks suspiciously,
"Why are you making that face?"
I turn to her and smile broadly,
"Nothing, that's just too cute! Seriously, so cute. Go on."
I mean eventually she'll find out I'm his ex and it's just too awkward to bring it up now, but at least now I know for sure that he's talking to someone else. This helps me make up my mind to sit with the team at breakfast because sitting in D4's company area for breakfast is going to be too awkward with this new information. I broke up with him because there was no trust. Now he's lying to me and all we are is friends. I don't need this right now. There are less than 10 days till the Sandhurst Competition and he's not even going to be here for that... so I've made up my mind. There are also like 45 or so days until graduation and I'll be a cow at the beginning of next semester. I'll be a squad leader this summer and going to Capo Verde as well right before Fall Semester. Jay from the Air Force Academy will be spending fall semester at West Point so I plan on going out with him to the city quite a few times this year. At best he'll be in Pershing, a second best would be either my old company or one of the adjoining barracks, and at worst he's a three-minute walk away. It's going to be great, because the semester after that I'll be in Portugal going to classes in the afternoon and wearing civilian clothes... it'll be awesome. Hopefully somewhere in between this I'll be able to get CTLT (shadowing a Platoon Leader or XO in the real Army) somewhere else foreign and cool too.

So now the Sandhurst update... but seriously. I am officially the primary girl for competition day. Woods says we will place in the top 5, I'm not so sure, but I do know I will be giving 100% and everything in the reserve as well. Today we did a River to Tower Run, which sucked, especially because today I wasn't really feeling well. I was sniffly this morning and drinking so much water today to flush whatever bug I had/have out of the system. I also made sure to take my multivitamin, the Naproxen, and drink plenty of juices and water with Crystal Lite too. I was dying in Economics today, but by the afternoon I was doing much better nasally that is. I was breathing okay during practice although I was slightly more out of breath than I was during the run through. Part of it may have to do with not being pulled by any teammates, but part of it was definitely that a lot of my body's resources are being diverted to fight this cold. I'm considering taking another multi-vitamin tonight, but I'm not sure if that would be overkill since it's called a Once Daily, but I mean I'm sure I'm using all the vitamins now and I've flushed out my system several times by now today. I've drank at least 56 fluid ounces of water in between meals.

Also quick review of this past saturday which was the run through. I felt nervous, but I knew I had to finish it. I can tell you the results up front: num 1) I finished, num 2) We ran for 3 hours and 51 minutes, and 3)We ran approximately 10.2 miles. Considering there was uphill so steep we could not run and various obstacles not to mention three sets of stairway to heaven and one round of the IOCT thrown in and we were carrying gear, I now feel like I could do a half marathon at the drop of a hat. I didn't say I could do a half marathon well but still it's something. I was pulled up various hills of course to keep pace with the team and towards the end even pulled to keep up with a flat pace, but despite this I have good news. First and foremost, towards the end of the race Jack told me I was doing "awesome" which could have been attributed to encouragement to finish, but afterwards he gave me a high-five/hand shake and told me that if I "ran the competition like I ran [the run through]" that we had a real good shot. When we got back to the Q, and were stretching all the guys commended me saying positive comments like I had not slowed them down and had given them a 'hell of a run'. It was enough to make any girl beam with confidence. It's all relative, I feel like I can give them another hell of a run on April 18th, and that's all that matters. The fact that some of the guys weren't there is irrelevent and possibly was even beneficial. I now have the confidence to press on and I won't doubt myself even if maybe some of the less tactful ones say something that isn't particularly motivating.

There are quite a few things to prepare for. There's my IR paper, Physics WPR II, Statistics WPR, the Economics White Paper, and of course Sandhurst. All I can think is, "Bring it."

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