Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, I'm sure I'm not going to be topping that last post anytime soon.

This will be short I need to make some serious progress with my IR paper which is due 1600 tomorrow. I have a sense of urgency, but my thoughts are scattered. I noticed that I am the most inspired when I have caffeine in my veins and with a lack of sleep. My most honest artwork has been completed at 3 o'clock in the morning when I'm sure there are dark circles under my eyes and I look palest. I am not suggesting I do good schoolwork under these conditions, but referring to the way I create art.

My style has varied through the years. Lately I've been drawing (the same figure) over and over again trying to get a realistic effect. I also have created one comic and hope to continue making it as a social statement. I think I've come up with good names for the characters. I haven't decided on their rank, but they are military with the last names Valory and Dickson. The last name Valory obviously comes from the word valor and so it's a strong, brave name. The name dickson... well I think it's obvious why I chose that name. The jokes are supposed to point out the tiny ironies in life. The struggle of women in male-dominated fields, and the issues faced by both genders because of that. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them and hopefully be able to translate onto paper.

Which brings me to my last subject somewhat briefly. What's a person to do when they feel like their skills aren't really useful in the job sector? I mean, I love drawing, but I draw for me and not on a schedule and my style changes. I couldn't be a comic book artist. I write, but not scholarly, and again only if I'm feeling inspired. I like language, but I am not fluent in any language and I'm afraid to talk to native speakers because it's intimidating. I don't doubt my ability to get a job, but I'm afraid of being in a job I eventually hate. I also wonder if I should drop my law major. If I was the major in Portuguese things would be simpler, and it's not like I'm worried that someone won't take me seriously just because I don't have a "serious" degree. If I could have any degree I would pick this one an instructor told me about. It's a Physics Art Degree. Using geometric optics and light, you create art. I cannot think of a better major that would feed my artistic hunger at the same time would I feel like I am still stimulating the math and science part of me that isn't half bad. I just don't like scholarly writing or reading. I think I could maybe write articles. I guess I could minor in Journalism. I would take language classes regardless of my major. West Point doesn't have these options though, so here I am.

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