Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cats Mewing?

The scariest thing happened tonight and must be documented immediately. Hopefully, nothing further occurs tonight and this will just be a freaky reminder of the incident.

I was happily working on the computer near one in the morning and listening to "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles when at the end of the song I heard a loud meow as though a cat were right outside the window or recorded with the song. At first I thought it was part of the song, but I knew from listening to it so many times that wasn't right. I ripped out the headphones quickly and looked at Roomie who had just layed down. She looked up at me and I asked,

"Did you hear that?"

She looked startled,

"That sound? I thought that was you? You didn't meow?"

I shook my head and stood up and moved away from my desk. Suddenly we both heard it again, a very loud mrrreow and it sounded like it was inside our room and close to my desk and corner of the room. The window wasn't open so if it had been outside it would have been muffled.

We freaked out and went next door to see if our annoying neighbors (hereon referred to as neighbors1) were messing with us. We knew that our other neighbors one of whom was the SL would never do something so childish. Neightbors1 were so annoyed we stopped by that we figured they weren't the ones behind the noise. What was less reassuring though, besides this, was that one had been on the phone and leaning outside his window and had not heard anything. Meaning the noise had to have come from our room.

We went back and investigated wondering if there was an actual cat in our room. When nothing turned up I dismissed it thinking maybe somebody's AIM entrance and exit sound was a cat meow. I checked the volume though and even had it maxed the volume I had set, there was no way it would have been as loud as my roommate and I heard it.

As I write this now, the light is on and the door is propped open ans well as the window a crack just so I can tell what is on or not on the windowsill. I cannot shake this freaked out feeling and I am still very weirded out.

Was that a ghost? Was it just a bad omen? Is there a feral or domesticated cat in the barracks?

It sucks I have a paper to work on right now. I'd really rather not be sitting in this corner of the room right now. I honestly hope nothing else strange happens, this is quite disturbing.

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