Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Unregistered to Blog...

So today in my LW410 class I discovered that technically all blogs by people like me are supposed to be registered. But where? And you supposedly can't post until your commanding officer reviews the blog. Hmm... would anyone find anything offensive in 'Multifaceted Gray'? I don't share this with anyone in la militar.

Anyway, good news. On Problem Set #5 I received - drum roll please - a 70/70 points! One A+ for me! Today we took the WPR and I think I did well on that too, but so did a lot of people so we'll see. The Portuguese WPR was delayed until tomorrow which was also a thrill.

Tonight I went to the library with the boyfriend and while he did his problem set I made my new study guide for Portuguese and sat down tonight until I think I better understood the subjunctive: the stupidist invention of grammar ever!

I wrestled and lost today to a guy I should have beat. I thought I was last and the coaches (both teams) thought my weight class was last. I wasn't warmed up, I had cramps that had me in the fetal position earlier today, and I was operating on about three hours of sleep with some naps thrown in haphazardly. I lost by 2 points. It was killer for me. Looking back though I fought like a scrapper because I have a busted lip, a swollen nose (right side), and a bump that was for a while the size of half a walnut on my forehead. It's just a small bruise now, I mean I don't look that bad, but the nose stings quite a bit.

The exercise was good though. Tomorrow is boxing practice (I hope) last time was a trick we ended up cleaning the gym we are now using. I missed practice today because it was no time for me to venture far out of the room. I didn't go to choir practice either. I've been feeling quite reluctant to commit so much of my future time without a clear idea of what I'm possibly missing. I am going to be in the audience of a certain popular T.V. Show this Columbus Day... more information on that to follow the actual event. It's kind of a cool experience to add to the list. Also I am trying to go to the Air Force v. Army Football game. As soon as the sign up appears I'm clicking and committing. Please pick me... I don't want to do Super Saturday! Well really I wouldn't mind, but I want to travel. Colorado sounds kind of cool.

Need to work on that APFT. I am sub-100 points in the sit-ups. Abs are now mandatory every day. The heavy-duty WPRs are over. Time needs to re-arrange to fit both academics and exercise. The social stuff will take care of itself as was proven to me when I went over to H's room for CE300 help and stayed for a while to catch up since it's been a while. Let's hope the good luck carries on. Cheers.