Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I finally cleaned my shelves, but I still have a large pile of mostly loose-leaf paper mostly notes from all my classes. I have a lot of things to take care of... and soon...
  1. Got to get a notarized birth certificate from home
  2. Schedule an appointment with the passport and VISA POC (Point of Contact)
  3. Get a copy of my orders to go to Cape Verde this summer
  4. Complete hours of internet training for the trip to Cape Verde, one of which includes uploading a picture of myself
  5. Schedule an appointment with preventative med. dept. for vaccines that apply to the Cape Verde trip
  6. Schedule a meeting with my Law Dept. Academic Counselor to talk about my 8-TAP (all of my classes throughout my time at West Point)
  7. Get a credit card/checking account with Pent-Fed Credit Union
  8. Go for a run in the gorgeous weather outside

On top of these mostly basics I have to do some academics too, statistics tonight, physics in general, econ policy paper is due soon for my group as well. The Term End Exam for law is a paper due lesson 40. A presentation for International Relations about Russia I think...

I also don't want my social life to stagnate when it seems to have so much momentum right now. I have the relay for life this saturday but hopefully more than that too. I need to make plans for TEE Leave since I have from Thursday until Sunday... I don't know where I should go but my roommate might be going somewhere interesting. I guess I should start asking around. I also need to plan my trip home ^^ I'll get plane tickets now that I know my schedule...

Other than feeling so busy, the weather finally turned from bitter cold to oppressive heat and it's been great. I admit there is a downside, but it's totally preferred to the snow and ice. Well hopefully I can get more done now, just a brief interlude.

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