Friday, April 24, 2009

After Six Blue Screens of Death...

So my computer has been giving me the "Blue Screen of Death" where this blue screen comes up saying in official white font your computer has essentially been compromised and not only is it shutting down but every open application has closed without saving and you are basically screwed.

When you restart it is slower than before like it's scared or something and eventually a little box pops up saying the computer has "recovered from a serious error" as though it just went through invasive surgery and you should be being nice to it or something!

Anywho... things are looking up, very up. I am enjoying life right now, going out and socializing, hooked my roommate up with a cute dance partner, and just enjoying the sandhurst team's company in the mess hall for breakfast and lunch and yesterday dinner. I've been using the downtime in the evenings to basically sleep and work-out on my own and hang out with my girl friends I've been missing. I went to Catholic Choir practice for the first time since I joined the company sandhurst team this Tuesday. I'm going on trip section with them this weekend in fact. I worked out with "Ali" at Arvin yesterday before her intramural hockey game and otherwise preparing for TEEs, the Cape Verde AIAD, and planning ahead for my semester abroad.

Sitting in a great place right now. That's all for the moment.

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