Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update on my Life

Quite a bit has happened, but I've been tryin to get a decent amount of sleep. This past weekend was a blast because of paintball. My first experience was definitely all that I could hope for. The smell of paint was a little strong, but I also fell ill Saturday night with food poisoning. Though there weren't enough pictures, the group that went had much stronger comraderie from the experience. I definitely got to know some people in the company better. Getting hit with paintballs is still painful I found out but I escaped with only one real welt. I was a small target to hit, but it was inevitable in the small room we played in. Mike D. got me with a lucky headshot in the first game but it was down to us two, so that was fine. After paintball there was a few hours shopping, which definitely made my day! I made it a point to buy conditioner and an icepack, but I was so sore in the muscles from my lift on Saturday that I literally bought a large fountain drink from McDonalds and sat like an old woman for a good 30 minutes waiting for the soreness to ease out of my muscles. Then I went to Barnes and Nobles and read astrology books for an hour and a half, and then I decided I needed to go shoe shopping.

I literally fell in love with a pair of Chinese Laundry shoes. Silk in green, purple and pink made the most gorgeous shoes ever and a subtle platform made these the most comfortable sky-high heels I have had the honor of purchasing. I was on the verge of buying two pair, but I know that Spring Break fast approaches so I was conservative in my opinion. They were also on sale and so I was oodles satisfied with the weekend even if it was all early morning wake-ups.

This week hasn't been uneventful either. I've dealt with my bank, and the doctors, and been to a corps-wide suicide prevention briefing (mandatory for everyone) and we have a tentative list for the final team for Sandhurst Competition on 18 April 2009. So here's the breakdown so I can sleep before 12:30 tonight.

I visited the ortho. doctor today (one of them anyway) and was mostly lectured about taking care of my body. I explained that I still stretched religiously, but I had trouble working in my lifting routine into my Sandhurst routine because of a crammed schedule and just being tired after work outs. It's still just a IT Band issue, which means that worst case scenario they inject me with something non-lethal, but not surgery. This is actually pretty great news, because my knee is feeling relatively good, but now the urgency is on working with the trainers and getting a rock steady routine. I might have to put forward quite literally more than 100% in order to get ready for the team.

Finally, and I think I've hinted at this, but I wanted to save it for last... right now, this instant, my Sandhurst squad leader is leaning towards me as the primary for the competition. He sent out an email to team giving it a 90% go that this was the list for the competition. This is a huge accomplishment to have made it this far in just one semester. Having his confidence means a bunch to me and is all the more motivation to continue training as I have planned in order to be ready for the competition no matter if I'm out there on game day or not. I did tell my travel buddy though to be ready to do some running, spinning, and elliptical over spring break. We can keep it to interval work in the touristy sites. Running in the sun is going to equal an amazing tan though so I'm looking forward to staying fit over break and coming back with a vengeance IT Band syndrome or not. That's all for tonight.

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