Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Night Before Spring Break '09

I stay up because I am much better able to deal with things on a late night than I am able to deal with things when I wake up cranky. We were going to be up late tonight anyway, so you can't completely pin this one on me. It's really not so bad either because the week is back on the upswing.

To finish a previously started story, my lab group eventually got their shit together. It was a little bit irritating, but the lab leader actually started to somewhat organize us. He and I really did the lab, but a third guy showed up and did a number line which was more than the fourth guy who did practically nil. We just went to the library at 2030 that night after my nap and knocked it all out practically. I was there to correct the lab leader and I did large portions of the write-up and also double checked it as best I could given I didn't write most of it. Then it was smooth sailing.

Today, Thursday, we had a lecture first hour which was awesome. Then I shopped a little bit at Thayer Store, just window shopping, reading mostly but I also bought a new drawing notebook. I got back to my room and chilled until Physics during which I was the loudest protester to sitting in alphabetical order, but it was just a demonstration and not a permanent thing. Whew! Portuguese was fun today and I learned how to call someone a show-off, which they sometimes say is like a popcorn vendor, loud and attracting attention to one's self, a "pipoqueira"! Lunch I sat with my team since our regiment had a formation that half of us missed and it took so long I was justified in sitting at the table. It helped that Jay didn't object or give me a hard time to try to get his seat back.

I scheduled some Additional Instruction with my Stat's instructor for the afternoon and when I got there I learned I was on the right track and I felt pretty good. The A.I. helped though because I didn't second-guess myself.

I got back to my room in time to get a short nap, but was woken up by my very smart friend, "Lou". Lou is trying to get into the med program, so he puts a lot of work into academics. He's also very organized and very animated and involved in a lot of groups as well as he is our class S-6 which basically means computer guy but he really doesn't have much in the way of delegated duties in that position. Anyway the point being is he was asking me for help with his stats work. I was surprised, even moreso because his roommate is really good with math. Still, I felt confident from the A.I. so I offered my help.

Then I was well awake for my work-out, I did 40 minutes of rowing, and then 3 sets squats, and 3 sets of bench and a few pull-ups. It was very light, but I was pressed for time. I got back in time to stretch with the team that had gone for a gear run (except for the plebes who had drill - practicing parading for parents). We also had Founders' Day Dinner and we all put on full dress and enjoyed some shrimp cocktails and mediocre steak. By the way... I'm still caffeine-free.

Tonight some drama sort of came up in the company, but not involving anyone in particular near and dear to me. Someone had written on our TAC NCO's board a note underlining the words "West Point Leader" and pointing an arrow to the word "oxymoron". It was obviously a joke, but one that sent our new TAC NCO over the edge and apparently he threatened the 1SG and he Company Commander (a cow and firstie respectively) with a brigade board and hours all the way down to the yearlings for disrespect. This definitely panicked everyone in the chain of command though and we had to close out tonight. I personally didn't care too much because I had planned on staying up late for packing and closing out because I was leaving right after class tomorrow. I still am and I am looking forward immensely to my spring break adventure. It is late now, and I have done three good deeds today. I feel like tomorrow can throw a lot at me and I will be able to deal with it.

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