Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow, Sleep, Nightmares

Last night we got a supposed 14" of snow. The sheer amount of snow and the wind that never seemed to die down transformed Thayer Road into a bleak desert of ice. I definitely slid sideways once, however it wasn't as embarrassing as those whose feet literally slipped right from under them resulting in them "eating it" in front of everyone. First hour our instructor didn't show, which resulted in higher spirits because we had an excessively early start today due to suicide briefings in the afternoon for freshmen and juniors. Since I only have morning classes I was done by 1000 hours. It was great and I decided to snooze until lunch. After lunch the sandhurst team found out that our range was cancelled because if there were no civilians to check out rifles there was no way to run a range. It was better this way because we didn't freeze our butts off either. Since our squad leader had the briefings too he designated "H" in charge of the work out. I waited until 1530 hours for an email about practice before falling asleep. Apparently I was racked out, because our squad leader came to get me and said I was practically 'dead'. I missed a rough cross-fit work out and everyone thought I was sick too like Strongbad (another pseudonym for another teammate).

During this nap though I had an insane nightmare about a zombie apocalypse in which I was armed with an M9 Beretta and had to defend a giant battleship shipwreck that had been converted into a historical building in the city.

Then Salsa dance lessons were cancelled due to the weather as well. It was quite disheartening, but I did get a lot of good sleep and apparently I looked like I needed it. I just might have in retrospect.

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