Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quick Recap of Spring Break

Well I don't really know how I feel right now so I'm not sure whether to write philosophical, straight-forward, or snarkily. However, I have been separated from regular computer access for a while now and I feel an urge to write something. Additionally, there is A LOT to write about right now.

Spring Break was very fun, I am extremely happy to have experienced a cruise. I am also fairly certain I will never do another one for a very, very long time. The problem that arose with me was that we didn't really get to experience either of the places we visited. I think experiencing the cruise and the resort were what I really did more than anything. The whole theme of this trip was new experiences for me.

I swam, actually swam in water that was deeper than me, into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Miami. I could not believe my boldness. With my ex swimming besides me and goading me further though, I actually did what I thought I would never do and swam out into the open ocean. I was amazed and I wasn't even wearing goggles. The saltwater was intimidating to me but thank goodness the waves were gentle and I saw absolutely no sea life at all on that swim and no algae or seaweed brushed against me making me freak out. I was beaming with happiness when I came out of the water.

In Key West we had no time for the ocean, because we got a somewhat late start and we wanted to get back to the boat on time since it was leaving at 1400 hours. Instead we walked the town to discover that all it sold was excursions into the sea that would have taken too long, alcohol, tobacco, trinkets, and sea peculiarities. We ended up accidentally watching a planetarium with overt religious themes. Someone very religious put together a planetarium that is accurate, but also included his views that the world is approaching the end and included a whole section about the book of Revelation. I was a little bit speechless by the end of it.

In Cozumel we snorkeled, which was another adventure. I was happily swimming along and my ex was like a little boy completely zooming off on his own to the deeper water. I was happy in the ten to twelve foot water and even approached the edge of the tiny drop off within the buoys. In the middle of my snorkeling though, while I was still congratulating myself for getting over so many of my fears of the ocean, I saw something different than the other fish out of the corner of my eye. All the fish I had seen had been wiggling around at the bottom, this way and that, nibbling on rocks and a few were swimming in schools. This fish was sitting on the bottom, just letting the current hold him in place. This fish was silver and still. I was relatively close to it, above it so like 10 ft, but also a little to the left and it was closer to the shore than me. A second glance and I saw it was a barracuda and it was facing towards me. I held up my camera figuring for a split second if I was going to die I might as well take a picture. Then I stopped because the camera (an underwater disposable one) wasn't wound. Then I started to hyperventilate in my snorkle and tried to swim backwards while moving as little as possible. I then turned towards the shore and keeping an eye on the barracuda as long as possible I swam towards the shore. When I finally had to tear my eyes from it, I swam much faster kicking as efficiently as I could, as smoothly as I could. I held on arm on my stomach which I felt was vulnerable and used the other hand to hold my camera above the water to keep the lens from glinting in the water. I made it to the rock that marked the shore and stood on that regaining my breath and my courage. My ex asked me what had happened and I told him between gasps,

"I... saw... a... barracuda."

He gave me a skeptical look,

"Do you even know what a barracuda looks like?"

We squabbled momentatirily and then I led him back to the spot where I saw it and it was still there. My ex popped out of the water took off his snorkle and gave me this surprised half scared half excited look,

"Oh my gosh, it is a barracuda!"

I wanted to punch him in the face, but in good humor. That was the end of that adventure.

After our cruise we stayed one night in Fort Lauderdale and I took my ex on his first ride on a public bus. It was a very relaxed day and after we found out what taxis cost we quickly abandoned any big plans we may have made. I got to visit two barnes and nobles during this trip, one in ft lauderdale and one in new york city the four-story one. There is more naturally but I'm finally a bit tired.

It was a good trip, and today has not been half bad either. Tomorrow is a shake-out run, hopefully the SL will set the pace and not H, and it will also be a good day. Good night.

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