Monday, March 30, 2009

Sitting on the Q... Bored... and Angry

So apparently not posting for a week discourages some of you. I just spent an afternoon freezing in the back of a HUMVEE and then next to a lake and then next to a wall and back in a HUMVEE and although I was somewhat warm on the way back I had to endure two 180-lbs men distribute their weight across my legs which really hurt my knees... regards to the posting late, get over it.

There were a lot of funny insults and "that's-what-she-said" phrases exchanged today. We pumped up the zodiacs, but the water temperature was too cold to actually get in the water, so we actually didn't do much. Somebody broke an oar and there was a little bit of yelling but not on our team. We were all high on our misery and cursing the cold in good fun. I was laughing most of the time.

Today was actually not a bad day. I woke up a tiny bit late for the CCQ shift (which I am still on by the way), but the person who woke me up was my roommate's work-out buddy so I had time to literally throw on as-for-class and stagger to the Q desk in the hallway and scribble my name on the log sheets. I was good to go, and having fully woken up I proceeded to study for my Jurisprudence WPR and for the Econ Writ. I had a friend in company cover the Q for me during 2nd and 3rd hour and was able to fulfill all my academic requirements.

Lunch was funny as well and we played the "What are you bringing to the party?" Which turns out is just a trick with first and last initials and the most outrageous things you can think of. I ended up saying Alcohol and Legitness. Pretty sweet if I don't say so myself.

Three weeks until sandhurst and quite frankly I don't feel ready. I don't even feel ready for the APFT tomorrow... and I'm nervous all over. I just feel prickly and negative and out of breath whenever I run up the stairs or short distances during practices. I hope it's just a mental thing. No, I pray.

Today the TAC asked me what position I would want next year, and I said I was entertaining the idea of Military Development Sergeant, and he replied that I would do good at that... or the Physical Development Sergeant. Neither is a slacker job, although I think I'd rather be military development sergeant (MDS) because they have access to more opportunities I find cool like the indoor electronic range and helping organize our military training. I feel like I could totally get into that. Still... I suppose it's one of those be-careful-what-you-wish-for things. For now, I'm still just totally psyched that our TAC even asked me, and not in a mocking, pompous way just sort of throwing it out there curious about my input. It seems our TAC NCO is also benign towards me. I haven't had to do some of the ridiculous tasks he's given to some of my classmates. I wonder about that, if it's something I'm doing right or just blind luck.

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