Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Better News

So sometime after getting back to my room after another PMEE session during Dean's hour I was on my way to the Arvin walk-in facility and suddenly I noticed the pain in my knee had subsided. It was gone completely after that moment. I still felt obligated to get it checked out the next day, because I know I didn't imagine the intense pain from this morning that had made me want to cry, but I was very happy to carry on the rest of the day bounding up the stairs and generally running around. I wonder if maybe I just tweaked my knee this morning when I was putting on my backpack. It would be lame, but it is possible.

This afternoon we had a lift and shot at the simulated range in Cullum Hall. A giant projector screen + ten rifles hooked up to air pressure and a super computer + the craziest simulations they had = LOTS of fun.

Also a plus, during the day I had a writ in Portuguese and I finished so fast the instructor graded it right in front of me. The result? 147/150 points so far. I still have to do the review, but I think I'll do fine on that too. Physics Lab 3 is done as well and turned in. Tomorrow I have the Econ WPR II and I absolutely need to ace that test so it's off to studying for now and hydrating for the gear run in the afternoon tomorrow. As long as I have my knees, my general health, and something to look forward to I think I will be okay tonight. Hopefully an early turn in.

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