Sunday, March 1, 2009

Late Sunday Night

I basically emptied my overhead and now I have a bunch of crap on my floor and the daunting task of cleaning everything up in my room so that it is acceptable to our Tac NCO tomorrow morning. On top of this we have an extra early formation because of compressed schedule tomorrow. We will have a short day, but if it is a code red then no civilians will be going to work and I won't be able to do any of the shopping I planned on. I will on the other hand have time to do all my laundry if I look on the bright side, and if I set aside two solid hours and go to the library I will also have time to get ahead on academics.

This Saturday we had the run through of the Sandhurst Competition. I got all my gear on and winced because I was nervous about the whole thing. I felt the pressure of the phrase, "You're only as fast as the slowest guy." We ran from Central Area to the bottom of the PX hill, and I started sucking it far more than I should have. The fatigue and soreness in my muscles made me tell our squad leader I couldn't do it that day. I was worried for two things, holding the team back or being pushed to the point I strained myself.

When I got back to my room (because I missed the HUMVEE that would have allowed me to follow the team along their way) I sat down for a while and just talked to my roommate about how I felt, and what I was worried about. I even called my mom and just talked, verbalizing my fears and concerns. Everyone had the same advice. I did what I thought was right and I made the judgment call. I ended up stretching a lot, going for a 3-mile run with my roommate at a slower pace to warm up the muscles that felt so sore, and then I went and did the sauna to further relax my muscles. That was basically the end of that adventure.

Saturday evening I took my bf to my company's get-together to see the Medieval Times show in New Jersey. It was like the show at the Excalibur hotel in Las Vegas. The experience was fun, and I bought one of those brightly colored wire circlets with the ribbons trailing off of it. The bf bought wooden swords and a wooden axe for his roommates to fight with. Everyone who was 21 got drinks and we ended up breaking two glasses as a party during the show. It was funny and our TAC Officer was there too so nothing got out of hand. The security at Medieval Times is pretty strict too. I fell asleep a lot sooner than usual that night, I guess having fun is much more tiring than I thought, but it may have had to do with the bus ride back during which one of the firsties in my company thought it would be fun to stick his hand out the window and let all the cold air in the back of the bus. I couldn't sleep on the way back because the window was open.

I woke up this afternoon to some Rock Band in the hallway and I jumped in on that. Then I almost went to the PX with "Al", but we missed the buses and couldn't get a car, so instead we all just hung out watching Robot Chicken, or for a little while "H" playing some F-22 game. We ordered out to Dong Fong, and Al paid for chicken and broccoli and a lemonade for me which was really rather nice of him. I went outside to Grant turn-around to help him pick it up and it was a generally good night.

I also did Fourth Class Development Time (FCDT) with my plebe tonight and again pointed out that having to do 3 FCDT a week is redundant and doesn't motivate me to do quality FCDT. After that I realized I haven't cleaned up my room and I have too much crap... so I've got to get the room into A.M. Inspection standard or AMI. It will be a good night when I go to sleep.

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  1. Wow, you are one awesome daughter. That's all, little ole meek me can say to that. :-)