Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not So Bad...

I've been finding out that doing regular things sort of fills the time in a pleasant way.  I started watching the first season of "The Walking Dead" on Netflix and quite enjoyed it, though I guess I watched all the episodes too fast.  Now I have to wait for season 2 to come out on DVD!

I also bought a couple books to distract myself, and they are light and not about singular female heroins.  They are cute and realistic:  Social Q's by Philip Galanes and F**k it by John C. Parkin.  And no, the second one is not some angry person cursing the world, but a funny take on the eastern religious way of letting go, it gets a little monk-ish about letting go of everything to find peace and enlightenment.  Of course with um... western profanity.  Anyway, that has been fun along with a couple little things sprucing up my apartment.  Though it's barely any cleaner, I did buy a holiday-themed kleenex box and re-organize the bathroom sink.

Lastly, in the last exercise of leadership I got a lot of compliments and votes of confidence from peers when I led.  My experience and knowledge as a Transportation Officer are still being - erm - developed at the moment... but apparently I've conveyed my will and ability to learn.  Sounds like a valuable skill.  And now that the tiring exercise is over, I would like to just sit back and appreciate those compliments and let their true meaning sink in.  After all, shouldn't I pay attention to what my strengths are, and use that to determine what my weaknesses are?

That's only for a couple more hours, I admit that I have been quite tense and now... I ought to relax a little.  Not worry about self-improvement, tensions, stresses, worry, boys, boys who think they are men, men who indulge in acting like boys, job, finance, travel, etc. Obviously my life will never be peachy keen with absolutely no problems or worries in it... so every now and then I gotta let go of it all and just breathe.  Whew!  But really, don't want to talk about the holiday for which I am getting this time off, not until I get to my destination and my current uncertainty is quelled by a wholly enjoyable time.  Logically I know I will have a good time, it's only emotionally that I am at all bothered at the moment.  Ah, and I know I have these damn annoying emotions.  Suppose I'll write again after Thursday

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