Monday, November 28, 2011

But I do Believe Sadness is a Beautiful Color

I am on a journey to be more accepting and thus hopefully live this life more fully.  I'm looking for healthy outlets, and I definitely have things to occupy my time.  And though I do find myself feeling sadness, it is in a rich way.  I think blue is the most beautiful color.  I think sad songs are wonderful... there's something about the emotion that can keep us still, riveted for a split second in a world that is moving so fast.

Happiness is fantastic but wild, and over so soon.  Sadness can be preserved, saved, kept in our hearts much more easily than joy... and sadness can be sweet.  There's a concept in Portuguese of saudade the feeling of missing someone or something.  It's typically invoked in Fado songs which are sad songs about the past in some fashion or form.  They embrace the sadness and the feeling becomes more:  it becomes art.

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