Monday, November 7, 2011

Giving the Best of Me

Things have been looking up, today I managed - through the motivation of people I consider friends and peers - to run just about seven miles in 55 minutes.

And now I'm watching Old School for the first time ever.  It's sort of depressing to be honest... I don't know how I'm supposed to feel watching a silly comedy but it's got these dark undertones.  I just don't see how any of these men in this movie are the 'good guy' and some of the humor is just downright annoying.  The overall plot at least is amusing, but it just brings up my confused feelings about 'regular' college life.  And it's an inward conundrum that leaves me wondering what exactly to do about grad school.  I'm going to take some time in germany and consider my options, and find out if or when I'm going to deploy.

Now I know, as conflicted as I feel about some of the humor - life is messy and I guess it would be better to laugh a little at all the stupid mistakes... I still think some mistakes are pretty unforgivable.  But that's because I'm still working on my capacity to forgive.

As I was running today, and waiting for the moment when I was going to be run into the ground (which happened on the last hill on the last mile) I was listening to the Gambler and it all goes back to balance...  What a life... balance... riiight.

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