Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Makes No Sense

So today this is word for word what occurred.  We have a large classroom at the ALU, and there are more boys than women in class, so the boys stayed in the classroom and changed.  Not a bad decision, I have no issue with that, and I even believe that makes perfect sense.

However, after the inspection I was in that same classroom to get my stuff.  I was not trying to change or prohibit anyone from changing.  A peer of mine was complaining that the guys got the classroom to change in.  I can see how it's annoying, but personally it's not a battle worth fighting.  It is not these gentlemen's fault the layout or composition of our class and building...

...I do not, however, appreciate dumb comments.  To be honest, I may just have less patience than others when it comes to toleration of the stupid, but that didn't make this next part any less irritating to me.  And yes a lack of sleep didn't help, but still.  One man insisted on announcing - as he removed his shirt - that he was going to change and the women who didn't want to see better leave!  First of all, of all the men I could have died peacefully having never seen even half-naked, he was in the top ten percent.  Second of all, it was not a locker room!  I could see his point as valid if the room was at the very least sealed off, but the doors have little windows!  Now while his argument held some validity when spoken so brazenly to his peers, would it have held if a civilian had walked into the room to ask about travel vouchers?  Would it have held if someone's daughter or wife had walked by and seen a group of men half-clad in ASUs and ACUs?  No, the plain and simply - and maybe unfortunate - answer is that his argument would have fallen on deaf ears.  It's just not wise to get half-nekkid in a room with a window that no one was bothering to cover up.  It may have been allowed and nothing may have happened but the chance was there.  Personally, I picked up my belongings as quickly as I could and left, but not before this man tried to reference me as being on his side.

I made it clear he should just shut up.  And I'm sorry, but I just don't agree with him on a personal level.  I am not deeply offended, merely slightly annoyed.  Additionally he started to ask if anyone hadn't had sex before, or if anyone in the room was a virgin.  As though having seen a naked person qualifies one to see all naked people, or having seen one naked person suddenly I have no qualms seeing anyone naked.  There are plenty of people who I think would benefit from wearing a burqa.  Anyway, catty comments aside, I merely expressed my distaste which I wouldn't have done if no one had tried to say I was "cool" and I left the room with a bad taste in my mouth for the whole thing.

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