Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So Frustrating You Want to Scream!

I know what I'm about to say is unoriginal, but the umpteenth time a question is addressed to a group of people says something to the inefficiency of the system being used to keep track of whether the question is being answered.  I do not need to waste another 5 minutes of my time - every time - we're in a group setting.  Because with formation before class, class at 0815, then questions after lunch, and right before we leave, we're losing at least 20 minutes... to one - ONLY one - of the stupid repetitive questions being posed before us.  Having no stake in the questions being asked for the thousandth time, I am more than frustrated up to here - insert violent hand gesture around neck area - with these time wasters of topics of discussion.

In addition to asking people with important relatives to fess up already, I think I've been asked a million times if I'm still getting paid, if I understand Travel Vouchers, if I am really sure I've signed up to take TBOLC.  The information is regurgitated and chewed and regurgitated again... slowly and steadily losing all semblance of taste or import.  I don't care Treasurer/Finance guy if you have an announcement!  I don't care News and Weather team if you want to have your 5 minutes of attention focused on you!  Just get to the point and let us go... my patience is thin and my fuse is short today.  All I need is my zero-balance lease for my Travel Voucher and God grant me the patience to get through the day without assaulting anyone... if I lay hands on anyone today I will burn bridges and create a lifelong enemy.  Hopefully this entry was therapeutic and I won't be responsible for hurting limbs or feelings later...

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