Thursday, April 28, 2011


I wish I had as much inspiration to write my research papers as I do to write about how much I can't wait to move out of west point.  While it has been an interesting and fun four years, there is also just a general frustrating edge to having to share one room with another person or two people.  And the impressions you leave are long-lasting and frustrating.  One ex-roomy told me the other morning how much she hated my old fan.  I am still at a loss why she hated it, it was a free fan I'd picked up it was functional, I don't remember it... I didn't realize she expected me to spring for a new one.

Recently I've been getting the silent treatment for apparently wasting the day by sleeping.  Again, I am confused.  How does my sleeping ruin your day?  Why won't you just tell me?  What does it matter?  I'm still in shape and still get my work done... I just like sleep.  It's my life and prerogative... or sorry about that I don't have a boyfriend to spend 80% of my time with or a hefty social network with mentors and former instructors who whisk me away on brunches on Sunday or to go shopping with on a Thursday afternoon.  Gee, my bad.  Let me get to work on my schedule, do you wanna run an eye over it?  Ya know I'd hate to be falling short of the productivity expectations you apparently have for me.

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