Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Qual Lingua Essa?

Late tonight I am up and looking at my summer budget side by side with my big to-do list before graduation can be considered a go.

I am also throwing up various windows either a youtube video on the horrors of Unit 731 or my thesis or my thesis advisor's corrections or my AKO email or my Outlook or my steadfast gmail.  Facebook is a warm fuzzy distraction and to be honest a great way to get quick help or insight.  It's just that social networks and gmail are so much more convenient than most Department of Defense websites.  Not to mention they are more user-friendly and take less time to load.  Half of the links in the military web-world are broken or they are huge websites that take forever to load.  I am curious who puts them together... I thought the Army was supposed to be cutting edge technology where was all that money going before we started having to consider budget cuts?  Haha anyway...

It's a lot and I could compress each one into larger categories or take each task one at a time, but at the moment all I can do is think that the weeks until graduation are much too short and where did this semester go and how, how am I supposed to remember everything from the year for final examinations?!  Board is still pending, but to clarify any confusion I'm only in trouble for the lates and absence that are in the past.  No new broken rules lol just goes to show you how slow bureaucracy is, don't it?

Besides really really needing to go to the store I need to finish getting all my graduation uniform pieces including my beret and my properly sized uniforms!  I also would like to buy a few new sets of ACUs that fit and am thoroughly pissed I let them give me medium ACUs.  I'm a friggin' buck and twenty-five more or less!  Where the hell did they get medium from?  Now I have uselessly baggy ACUs and it's already hard enough to look professional in uniform when it looks like I'm swimming in them it's a joke.

At least I feel a little bit more on top of the transportation deal from West Point, as I have been asking around and hearing more confusion from my classmates than I expected.  I've started to shake the feeling that I'm completely clueless... although yeah sometimes I feel like that girl except it's college and I don't have a fabulously rich background (which is a shame haha).

Right now I am still itching to study languages again.  I started Farsi (Persian) but had to drop it temporarily to finish my writing assignments, still a friend of mine is recommending a girl we went to high school with who speaks Farsi if I want someone to practice with after I get back to studying the language, and that's exciting and encouraging!  I'm still practicing and trying to improve my Portuguese of course.  I am also happy when I hear Spanish and understand pretty well.  My German is slow but steady and I know in Germany I'll be sure to have opportunities to improve.  I also have looked at Urdu in the Livemocha community but it seems pretty poorly monitored, maybe the Army's Rosetta Stone will be the next option.  I still dislike Rosetta Stone but that's because I hate not being able to figure out what exactly it is that I've learned and I think it does horrible at that.  But at least it is pretty stable across the board in the way it presents languages...

Anyway, it's back to work once again!  Back into the fray one last time for the undergrad world.  After this it's all easy, right???  (of course not... how silly of me...)

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