Friday, January 13, 2012

Feels Like Home...

...because it almost is!  My good friend is driving me back to El Paso where I will consolidate all the things I absolutely need to fly to Germany at the end of the month.

In the meantime, Monday morning I have to report for hometown recruiting assistance program (HRAP).  I am showing Texas to my New England driver/counterpart and he approaches the trip with the same attitude he approaches so much of life:  open enthusiasm and a cheerful point of view.  Basically he drives since his car is manual and I haven't quite graduated from the 25-35 mph zone... we theorized I would drive some couple of hours on the open stretches of highway but it hasn't happened yet typically enough.

We drove from Richmond, VA to Mobile, AL on day one.  Plenty of cute though so-so pics taken hastily from the highway.

Today we made it from Mobile, AL to Austin, TX to meet up with a couple friends who I went to high school with.

Drinking Shiner Blonde, maybe can write a guest blog for I Love The Sauce if they haven't written on this beer yet.  I had to get a Shiner beer since my guest isn't from around here!

I guess the road trip is a success so far since we don't hate each other yet.  So much to do, and so little time is all I feel like... tonight the streets of Austin and tomorrow the Riverwalk of San Antonio.  Then my "little" hometown, the sprawling city of El Paso.  I just hope there is enough time to properly enjoy it.

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