Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Moon Musings

The moon is supposed to drive us to madness... I guess it's too late for the likes of me.  As usual I'm crazy with all the work I have to do by Wednesday alone... I'm so tired already but there's yet work to be done... I've got to call it a night as soon as this caffeine wears off.

Right now I am just wondering if everyone has a someone... I mean what if that someone isn't there for you?  Or what if you can't find them?  I mean, in that silly movie Ever After you supposedly always find your someone but so many people have been in loveless marriages... luckless lives... many people have lived their whole lives lonely.  Some people choose to withdraw from the world, is their hermitage really inflicting a heartache on someone else in the world?  And what if two people think one person is their someone?  Is one of them wrong?  Can they both be right?  But only one gets the prize?  I guess there are other types of fulfillment in the world than relationships... but I think a relationship would make me happy too.  Not that I can't be happy without one... and after all the supposed success to attracting a healthy relationship is to be a healthy person... but so many people come together out of need anyway.  I mean and don't we love the people most who stick out the worst for us?  Wasn't it Marilyn Monroe who said if you can't stand me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best?  She didn't exactly end well though did she?

Endless questions.  I guess I'm supposed to be giving my point of view, but I'm no one to give advice.  I'm a fool in this game.  I've made all the classic mistakes, and some creative ones too.  I could tell you it's not a good idea to go from one intense, long term relationship to another when you're in the middle of a life changing experience.  I would definitely advise just taking it easy with relationships altogether when you're going through life-changing events... but then again... it's been quite tumultuous from age fifteen to age twenty-one I would personally not recommend anyone between those ages getting involved with anyone seriously for the whole of that time.  Not exactly reasonable, is it?  And that's just general advice if I was twenty-one year old Me talking to fifteen year old Me.

For the guys on the other hand I have so many don'ts.  Don't lie to the girl you want to keep.  Don't cheat on a girl you expressly want to be exclusive with you.  Don't propose to a girl about to graduate or embark on anything that has a lot to do with her future unless you have a good alternative plan.  Don't get too attached too soon.  Don't assume girls can read your mind just because we over analyze everything.  In fact according to our calculations you are thinking about so many things at once your brain ought to explode if scientific measurements of brain activity are accurate.

So as for the future?  I have no idea in the romance department.  I know with about 89% certainty my future geographical location and occupation.  That might be slightly more than most people are sure about in their lives, but that is about it.

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