Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pause to Reflect

I have to admit part of this sentence was inspired by a quote on a government support website, but it stuck in my head and I've transformed it to become this:

Life sometimes hits us with a suckerpunch that knocks us flat on our ass. In reality, everyone faces a host of physical challenges as inevitable as life itself, and only by shouldering these challenges and pressing on can we actually live.

I'm not talking about day-to-day stuff, but the things that plague us for our lives whether internal or external, whether it is something obvious, a scarlet letter emblazoned on our public lives forcing us to deal with our fellow man's judgment; or a hidden secret that unseen forever directs the course of our interactions from the general populace to our intimate comrades and family.  Sometimes as a society we lack compassion for the misfortune of others.  We make judgments on others for their misfortunes or we lay the blame with the victim.  Sometimes we do this internally, or in the back of our minds is the whispering voice that says they really deserved it.  And while it's true that some of our actions bring misfortune upon us, sometimes it is inevitable.  And this silent heartlessness, this sense of superiority, has the potential to come full circle.  If we judge others based on their state as opposed to their actions than we are drawing false conclusions and could wind up victim to those same conclusions.

I'm not saying no to tough love, I mean sometimes I think I could use someone just putting their foot down and giving me a good ass-kicking or ass-chewing and that might work better than their patience has... but their patience always drives me to work harder and feel more indebted to them for being at the very least human with their expectations.

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