Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Really Can't Believe...

...that I'm in another foreign country.  I really can't believe I'm meeting so many interesting people once again in an amazing setting and learning so many different points of view.  So far in San Remo, Italy I have been learning to enjoy the food, the view of the sea, and the amazing opportunity that this trip truly is and that I never saw myself enjoying when I saw my selection as an alternate what feels like so long ago.

As far as food I was never a big Italian fan in the states, but here I've been loving it.  I've had pesto that tasted strangely delicious (my first pesto experience was in the mess halls of West Point, which I do not recommend) and the first piece of lasagna I ate with enthusiasm.  The food is great without a doubt, the rumors are true!

The view is beautiful.  The weather has been spotty, but honestly in the 50s is pleasant.  San Remo is sort of on a hill so when the weather is clear the view of the sea from the window through the palm trees is startlingly beautiful.  It was raining and cloudy when we arrived so I was thoroughly shocked when I noticed it a couple days later.

Obviously the time has flown by and I cannot believe the last day of the competition is tomorrow and the 'formal' jacket and tie evening and recognition ceremonies.  The competition is over International Humanitarian Law, particularly the Law of Armed Conflict.  We participate in teams of three, role playing as legal advisors from fictional countries who have agreed to come together as a coalition.  We're essentially in a "situation room" with several scenarios given to us that explore the various aspects of international law.  Some scenarios we have more time than others to prepare for.  It's more fun when you engage the whole thing, and I've gotten lucky with a great group!  More on that and the end of the competition in the next entry!

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