Tuesday, August 4, 2009


My thoughts on this... today read a book about some Desperate Housewife of some variety or another and was perturbed as I finished it. The scandal, the mutual cheating and infidelity and the sigh laugh and move on of it all seemed strangely regular. As though even my life could someday slip into that mess.

I wish we didn't have any internet connection here then my heart wouldn't be churning over what it's not supposed to be churning over. Just goes to show I'm still on the rebound and should be preoccupying myself with other things until I stop being irrational about this whole relationship thing. I'm not even twenty yet! I have a proper date set up for the date of my return from paradise with a boy who will most certainly flatter my ego. And then I have a semester of figuring out my social scene for real because I'll have no boy to be taking up all my free time. And as a junior at my school I will have way more opportunities to go out.. plus more friends with cars that I won't have to bat my eyelashes at or beg around for rides and now that I can drive I can borrow vehicles too!

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