Thursday, August 13, 2009

What is Love?

Religion is a touchy subject. The difference between belief and religion is vast. The arguments are fierce about both. Why should different beliefs conflict? Why can't we accept and respect each others' view and if there is such a thing as a supreme being, someone or some power as ultimately incomprehensibly powerful as a God, then why couldn't they save everyone? How dare we, as mortals try to put mortal limitations on God? A power that great could be everything to everyone, and if such a power did exist, would it really be so easy to remove from our lives? And if the ultimate motivation and nature of that power was love, why would anyone be cast into an eternity of pain, torture, or nothingness? Our motivation should be to do good for the sake of good, love for the sake of love, and to hell with judgment. The best place to start is in the relationships we have with each other. Spirituality isn't a bad thing, and exploration of one's religion is both educational and can be a good place to start when it comes to matters that are for me neither mental nor emotional. It's a good place to turn when humanity (including my own) seems overwhelmingly... screwed up I guess. Or when it seems like nothing and no one (including myself) is doing anything right. It's fulfilling to feel like there is something greater than all that, and that the nature of that is love. Do I want to join a group and wave a flag and impose my belief on others? No, absolutely not. I want to nurture my belief and the fact that it doesn't judge or harm others thrills me. I can talk about it to my closest friends and family, but it's personal and to be honest I feel like it's untainted by organizations. I'd like to keep it that way even as I educate myself on my faith by birth.

Why all this talk? Just because I suppose I've been given reason to think about it. I was inspired to discover what I believe spiritually, and I think I've found that. It's a good feeling. It's fulfilling. It makes me sometimes feel... peaceful. And I've found that I so rarely feel that in my life.

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