Friday, May 22, 2009


Alright my room is pretty much cleared out. Which means a lot closer to being completely empty in other words. I didn't sleep at all, but I had planned for this. Yesterday after my typhoid shot and the giving of about a shot's worth of blood yesterday I fell asleep for about 7+ hours. This has been keeping me going along with one red bull which is moderate. I am just going over what I need to do today and it goes something like this:
  1. Put away CFT stuff, trunks (2), and bags in basement, trunk room, or day room. (realistically I will only be able to put away about 75% of it today since I need access to certain bags and boxes tomorrow too)
  2. Go to the Cadet Store and buy 2 subdued cow brass
  3. In the afternoon after the parade and before their lunch break go to the Cadet Health Clinic and pick up malaria pills (for the one island Sao Tiago which carries malaria threat
Sometime this afternoon I also plan on talking to former SL, finalizing plans for Saturday, taking another nice long nap, and then finishing watching Tortilla Soup with my friend. After graduation tomorrow, I will be going out (to eat maybe... maybe something else... I kind of want to just relax and get away from West Point without anything to do), and then returning whereupon SL is giving Kk. and I a ride to Garrison Station and we are taking a very late train (2328) to the city. We'll split a taxi to the airport and get there ~0200 hours. Kk's flight will be leaving earlier than mine, but I feel safe for the trip since we'll be together on the way there.
It's time to start the day, but I feel well-prepared for the next three. It will be great to be home and I'll know I'm ready for the upcoming training.
PS already talked to former SL, finalized plans for today and Saturday, and FOUND my birth certificate which was hidden wedged in an orange folder in a black laptop case behind some pipes above my locker... it's gonna be a goooooooooood day (^^)

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