Sunday, July 17, 2011

So Many Books, and Lost for Words

Today was a good day I think.  I took my friend to the airport and said goodbye for an unknown length of time.  It was a sad moment because he's a good guy and there aren't too many of those in this world.  I was equally annoyed with a friend who blew me off last minute due to piss poor planning and vague reasons.  I offered a solution, but having been excluded from his poor decision-making, it was too late for us to meet up.  Thus I had a paradox of feelings, general annoyance for him, and the annoyance of missing the chance to see him.  Quite a complicated emotional reaction for "just a friend."  Meanwhile the very good guys of this world feel like they're finishing last with women like myself.  Sometimes all the good or bad in the world has no influence on who you care - or don't care - for.  Ach, but that's too deep for this hour and the length of time I'll spend writing tonight.

I feel like I've surrounded myself with books lately.  Notebooks.  Real books.  Language books.  I just bought a five-language visual dictionary guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment... eventually.  I am still reading Obama's Wars by Bob Woodward and have been too busy (or lazy) to make more definitive progress lately.  Still the more I read, the more that names pop out at me in the paper such as the death of Karzai's half-brother, who was sorta head honcho in the Kandahar region.  In the book he's just mentioned as a problem taking money from CIA and others, but a problem that at least provides some order.  (btw if anything is misspelled here it's because I'm writing rather fast tonight, I do need some sleep).

I feel a little bit lonesome now that the couple friends I originally felt like I was multitasking this weekend are now gone.  One to Austria and the other home.  I really don't like admitting I would like to have someone I enjoy to talk to around here.  It's not that I'm totally unfriendly (I hope not) it's just I have a barrier and there are few people I just love to talk for hours with... and there are a lot more people where I am not nearly so committed or happy to converse with.  It doesn't necessarily have to do with intellectualism either.  It's just a level of comfort.  I guess I've just been missing the hours when those that I like talking to are online or available.  But this evening I had some luck with a couple friends from back home.  I hope for more luck tomorrow afternoon when I get out from the first day of work we have broken into shifts.  More to follow regarding housing and traveling situation.

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