Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Mysteries to Ponder

My new quests involve answering questions that I have always had a genuine curiosity about but have never been able to satisfy myself to the answers.

Question 1:  How true are those trashy tabloids?  Do actors and actresses and pop stars pick them up and cringe... is it closer to the truth than we know?  Or are they really "just like us"? I'd love to do some work for one of those trashy magazines just to see how they come up with stories...

Question 2:  Is it really that crazy to work for a hotel chain?  Are there all sorts of sexual deviancies going on in the rooms?  Is there evidence left behind?  This one intrigues me and I'd be interested to work either concierge or manager at a high end hotel.  I'm just so interested if it's really that crazy or just tedious.

I just wonder what it'd be like to do this sort of job day to day until you got tired of it and moved on.  I'm not sure I could live like that.  I spoke to an officer today who told me that while being a geologist interested him, the labwork was so unfulfilling to him so he went to the Army.  I wonder if that's how I'd be out of the Army... or can I find fulfillment in another job... the pay and benefits surely wouldn't be as good... but that shouldn't be what guides our choices... right?

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