Friday, June 10, 2011

Thunderstorms in Boston

The weather has been stormy, and I wish I could just appreciate the thunder as it rumbles across the sky and rain as it pours down bringing that scent and a cool breeze much needed in these hot days... but I am trying to plan my trip which is getting shorter and shorter as I hope that everything will fall into place before beginning the journey.

In order to take advantage of all the opportunities in front of me, I am going to have to leap.  I can no longer wait here and hope to get a call back from the Stewart International Airport, and I can no longer look frantically online for more specific instructions to get a space available flight.  I have to pack and taking a leap of faith.

I finally have a handle on my plan though.  I have my laptop, it's up and running.  All that's left is actually going and not being paralyzed by fear.  It's hard, and it's even more difficult to stir myself to take this trip by myself.  There are people I know, people who I would like to see, and who have expressed wanting to see me in Europe.  This is the most time I'll get off for a long time, and I need to take advantage of it!  I'll never ever have this time off and be twenty-one!  I want to say that I was young, single, and took advantage of it!

I am happy for those that I know who have other fulfilling things in their lives, I am jealous of my fellow colleagues who have already gone to travel.  I am merely torn that I don't have more time, but I do not regret the time I've spent before this trip.  I got to do quite a bit, and it was fun.  Now, I've got to just go that extra mile so to speak.  If this is potentially a free flight, I'm going to have to earn it.  But first, I'm going to have to sleep.

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