Monday, June 13, 2011

Thoughts on BBQ Sauce

So today's musings were brought about at McDonald's in Delaware.  I'm hoping to catch a space available flight out of this town and my chances are better here!  However, the topic I was thinking about was which McDonald's charge extra for BBQ sauce?  Why do they do that?  Is it a manager by manager decision?  Is it something a regional director might decide?  Do McDonald's who charge for extra sauce do better in profit?  Does it make any difference at all?  Are the McDonald's who charge for extra sauce more highly rated in customer service?  I'm just so terribly curious about this now... I mean ten cents isn't much to cough up, but it's inconvenient to ask for an extra sauce after you get your food and have to fish out a dime which considering how much I use credit cards is a slim chance lately.

Then my thoughts turned to AT&T and their free internets at McDonald's.  I mean... that's great for their business, right?  Even though people get it free I don't see many folks with their computers at McDonald's... but what does it cost to maintain internet?  What does it cost to provide?  Do they invest in measures to prevent people in cars from 'stealing' service from locations without using their services?  I like the internet at McDonald's better than Starbucks because Starbucks is so full usually.  In spite of their popularity... they really don't have that much seating... but then again they had to do some cost cuts and raise the sale of their instant coffee to come back from a slump, so they must not have much issue with their presentation.

On top of all this, I'm renting a car to get around before this flight... and the GPS they gave me didn't hold a battery charge and died after less than an hour.  When I went to the Budget Car Rental in this town I had to ask for a refund for this.  The manager agreed pleasantly enough, but I was still surprised she didn't volunteer that when I told her at the beginning it didn't work.  Now I have to continue the quest haha, but I'll keep you up-to-date on if the flight goes as planned tonight.  I think I'm gonna buy some snacks I'm not sure how long I'll have to wait.

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