Monday, February 28, 2011

Sec Def Brief

It's so nice to get a chance to take a breath and write without worrying about all the things I really should be doing.  Finally a Friday where I'm not running out the door.  Finally I'm relieved to be sitting here, well-rested, with a pretty motivated feeling running through my frame and through my fingers tapping away for you, Reader.

The Secretary of Defense briefed us today and I cannot really relay his speech very well because I was more than a little distracted by a thesis meeting I had today with my advisor.  I was one page short of what she expected from me two weeks ago, and I'm late emailing two professors who offered to look it over which is really very kind of them and I should follow up as soon as possible.  There are so many people I should call or interview, but I need this research portion to be a polished thing.  This is the first time I really want to take pride in my work... which sounds funny but I mean before this project all I've ever wanted is to churn out good work without really caring what anyone read into it.  Now I cannot let my paper be misunderstood... I cannot let the message be drowned out.  I have to strike the right chord between challenging, edgy, and measured.

Sorry for the short post, but had to get dinner and nothing to add until the 100th night dinner.

(posted late, but written Friday)

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