Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Christmas Edition

It is actually making an effort to snow in the Southwest.  The smattering of flakes won't stick for long though, in fact most of it has melted, but it makes it feel a little more like Christmas in the desert.  I got a nice picture of the snow while it lasted.

It's nice that many service men and women get to go home for the holidays, but America keeps in mind the many who are not home at this time of the year.  The United States is a pretty generous country, and there are many public announces reminding the general populace that we can always help others.  It is refreshing that in spite of the economic woes and political strife of this era, our Christmas isn't overrun with selfish and useless fighting, and maybe this speaks to the ever hopeful - if sometimes naive - USA.

During the holidays when many commanders are on leave, except for the skeleton crew holding down the fort (literally), questions arise over what is the best way to conduct military correspondence.  With text messages and email, there must be a new regulation in the works about how to text message while conveying respect for the rules and traditions of the armed forces.  I mean, should one sign off text messages with an official title of Army-related business, or include a Sir or Ma'am when addressing superiors?  I'm sure there is someone in the IT department who is probably authoring this manual as I post this blog.

So I guess this blog will just be as is, somewhat positive, in the name of the Christmas Spirit!

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