Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Same Shit. Different Day.

I packed one box.
I still have my TA-50, but receiving conflicting instructions.
Started to sort my clothes.
Threw away some stuff.
Picked up my ASUs.
Cleared out (nearly) the basement lockers (basement cat is pleased).

Now still have to finish packing to ship stuff tomorrow.  Then throwing away loads of stuff, and picking up my dry cleaning.  I'll take care of the foreign travel allowance, and I'll hopefully get some clearance signatures.  The next two biggest things are nice sucker punches from West Point before I graduate.

Finishing 20 hours this week.  I knocked out 5 on Monday, 3 today.  So I have 12 left and 3 days to do 'em.  And I have 16 cots signed to my name, and I'm not sure how much they cost, but I may have a fee to pay West Point just to graduate and what really sucks is the cots are all probably here... just no one is willing to find them.  I looked around to see if there were some lying around and there are... so worst case scenario I'll scrounge a few... and hopefully only have to pay for 10 or something.  My cots aren't where I left them.  The room has been cleared out, and my investigation hasn't been conclusive yet.  Oh well, it's less than it would have been if I had been responsible for 75 cots, thank goodness.

Four days:  gotta focus on the bright side.  Bright side. Half full.  So close....

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