Saturday, February 14, 2009

Middle of the Way

Despite the dangers of blogging today especially being in a position to be scrutinized, I still want to do this again. I have learned from experience not to use this as a tool to vent, but to instead practice writing and to hopefully share part of my life with the reader who more than likely knows me and would like to keep up even if we're not in constant communication. If I get really philosophical or passionate about any particular subjects maybe I will branch out, but for now it's just a general journal of sorts. I'm not at the beginning or end of anything particularly interesting right now, so I'll just be filling in the gaps that are the past and adding the new material as it comes to future posts simultaneously. The continuity may be lacking, but hopefully it will make sense. That's all I have at this hour, sleep is important as I've (hopefully) learned recently. Goodnight.

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