Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to Raise a Concern

Terribly confused at the moment.  This is the annoying part of trying to do an unpopular thing that you believe is right.  It reminds me of Rihanna's song 'Cheers (drink to that)' when she says people gonna talk whether you're doing bad or good.  As my father has reminded me, when you voice your opinion you must expect opposing views.  And I do expect those, but it doesn't help when people make the exact assumption you don't want them to make.  How do you stop people from jumping to conclusions?

It's a common problem, when you feel like someone is overstepping the boundaries of what is appropriate to say and what is not appropriate to say, you're caught in the middle of this awkward situation.  How can you raise your concern without offending this person?  And is offending them only going to make it worse?  And this isn't isolated to gender issues, because it's the same with any potentially non-P.C. topic nowadays whether that topic is sexual orientation, gender, race, or class.  While the song, "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" from Avenue Q is funny and makes light of the subtle prejudices we tend to hold even if not spoken out loud, there comes many a point and time where you feel awkward around people you consider friends as they flirt dangerously with the edge of a topic in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

The right thing to do can leave you feeling strangely lonely.

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