Monday, August 1, 2011

Why I Hate EZPass and other Truths

The reason I hate EZPass is that it would be so easy for me to put on my emergency lights and step out and pay the toll the lane over when I've been boxed by New Jersey's traffic into the EZ Pass lane.  Also when I tried to argue my first violation, their online system and answering machine wouldn't put me in connect with a real person... that is unless I was willing to sign up for their stupid system which would have cost me about 75% of the "ticket" and necessitated a week long wait or more.  Stupid really.  I could risk a traffic accident by crossing lanes of busy traffic in rush hour, or they could just have a real person available for these petty mistakes they call violations.

The next truth is pretty little rich boys are terrible people.  I was recently in a petty game of chicken with one.  We were having a brief summer romance without any real feeling, but honestly nobody was going to win that game.  He was so absolutely vapid I had to stop talking about intellectual topics, or politics, or religion in order to have a pleasant conversation.  This is the same boy who actually believed that the capability for sexy dancing was a redeeming quality, and not in the ironic sense.  The same boy who called my upbringing sheltered because my folks aren't the kind who jumpstart businesses into corporate success. Because my folks never owned a 50-ft boat, and my folks never took us on road trips in cars with TV Screens in the backs of the front seats.  So I guess being part of middle-class America makes me "sheltered."  What a shame, I really wish I could have the expanded outlook on life that this kid does.  This kid who can't even get his academic act together enough to get a free weekend during summer school.  Summer school is supposed to be a joke, I remember taking a class to get ahead in my double-major days.  He was at risk for failing in the summer.  And I'm sure he had some dumb excuse, perhaps it was the weather or his brother rebelling against his parents who sound like wonderful people (the kind who double-park their fancy cars, btw if you see such a car in Colorado or California maybe it's them and if you took a jalopy and took a side mirror off an asshole double-parker I'd be mighty grateful).  This is the same brilliant lad who decided to mess around with his math tutor his freshman year... and then epically failed math.  Yes, so maybe I lowered my standards because he was pretty.  But I really didn't think I'd be the one who lost this game of chicken.  Silly me, I truly overestimated the value of my wit and humor to this kid.  It's not really a loss, merely an annoyance.  This guy was honestly offended when I told him - as a joke - to work on his abs.  When I self-deprecatingly made fun of myself he didn't thank me or correct me, he only sulked a little more and frowned at his abs.  This 'golden' boy really defines narcissism.  You wouldn't be able to miss him even if you wanted to... but if you ever have a small doubt in your mind just look around the guy giving off the shallow vibe.  He'll have a strong jaw and blue eyes, but there will be next to no guy friends in sight.  There may be one slightly overweight guy who is hoping hopelessly to benefit from the castaways of his better-looking friend, but that will be all.  The rest will be girls and I guarantee you they are part of his imaginary harem.  Not that he is not capable of wrangling one made up of many a girl he's seduced with his charm... but it's just you would think no girl with half a brain could tolerate him longer than six months.

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